Background checks are often requested by employers on job candidates for employment screening. Results of a background check typically include past employment verification, credit history, and criminal history. This is the reason as companies  nowadays outsource their candidate verification to external specialized agency.

These checks are often used by employers as a means of objectively evaluating

  • candidate’s qualifications,
  • character,
  • fitness,
  • Identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons.


Background checks are also used to thoroughly investigate potential government employees in order to be given a security clearance.

Checks are frequently conducted to confirm information found on an employment application or résumé/curriculum vitae. One study showed that half of all reference checks done on prospective employees differed between what the job applicant provided and what the source reported. They may also be conducted as a way to further differentiate potential employees and pick the one the employer feels is best suited for the position. Employers have an obligation to make sure their work environment is safe for all employees and helps prevent other employment problems in the workplace.

Once the candidate is selected by the client, Ross Warner HR Solutions gets the verification done through Verification experts for the Premium clients.

Verification Check Could be of different nature of any of the  following reports Below as per the need :




  • Identity and Address Verification – whether the applicant is who he or she claims to be. Generally includes verification of the candidate’s present and previous addresses. Can include a money laundering, identity and terrorist check and one to verify the validity of passports.


  • Whether an applicant holds a directorship




  • Criminal, arrest, incarceration, and sex offender records


  • Citizenship, immigration, or legal working status


  • Litigation records


  • Driving and vehicle records



  • Employment records


  • Financial information


  • Licensing records
  • Medical, Mental, and Physiological evaluation and records


  • Military records



  • Other interpersonal interviews