Sector Focus

Infrastructure, construction & Engineering

As we all know, infrastructure and constructions is regarded as the most growing segment in India & Africa. With corporatization and organized working methods being deployed in this segment, this sector is witnessing fastest growth for good talent. Ross Warner was one of the 1st to identify this segment as a growth area and has set up a team with a strategic focus in this sector.

Power, Energy, Mining, Oil & Gas

With the massive rate of urbanisation across the world, the demand for energy has grown manifold in the past few decades and continues to do so. This has not only increased the pressure on the Government and industry leaders to explore newer energy sources but has also opened up huge investment opportunities in this sector.

According to a report by CII and KPMG, energy sector would provide investment avenues worth US$ 120-150 billion over the next five years. Energy demand is estimated to increase five fold over the next twenty five years.

Another report by KPMG estimates oil demand to grow at an average annual rate of 3.6 per cent from 119 metric million tonne (mmt) in 2004 to 196 mmt in 2011-12 and 250 mmt in 2024-25.

BFSI – Banking Financial Services & Insurance

Economy growing at 9 %and the most happening market globally and most part of the money being managed in this part of the world, this sector is poised for the biggest growth in India & Africa. Ross Warner team realizes the importance this sector holds to India & Africa economy and also the potential need for manpower.


If you are in India & Africa, you have IT encompassing your business services. However as a strategic focus, Ross Warner team caters to mid size –SME’s in IT sector. Most placement companies have disregarded the fastest growing segment in the IT space which is SME space. While others are busy catering to the big fish, Ross Warner team has built its strategic focus around this promising sector.

Research and Development

Engineering services and product design activities have grown significantly in the last decade, beginning with the digitization of 2D/3D drawings to product design, engineering, development and innovation. The global engineering services industry is currently estimated at US$ 750 billion per year. This is expected to reach over US$ 1 trillion by 2020.

Ross Warner has developed expertise to fulfill engineering design requirements across different industrial areas such as Energy, Mining, Oil, Gas, Infrastructure, construction, Engineering, automotive, aerospace, chemical, power, industrial automation, medical Pharmaceutical, Life-Sciences and healthcare and machine tools. Ross Warner’s engineering R&D practice has played a key role in establishing the design set-up of several global multinationals.

Our consultants are experienced engineers who have worked in leading R&D establishments in India & Africa and bring strong domain knowledge to the table.

Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Life-Sciences

The pharmaceutical industry is a success story now providing employment for millions. The presence of low-cost production facilities and a large science base is helping drive this trend. Today, the market value of clinical research outsourced is estimated at US$ 100 million. The booming healthcare market has opened a window of opportunities in the medical device field, as well.

To partner our clients as they enter the regulated global markets and consolidate their operations in the domestic pharma marketplace Ross Warner has in place a team of 10 consultants and researchers. The team at Ross Warner  has executed over 125 mandates in the last year in diverse areas such as sales and marketing, international sales, manufacturing, operation, research and development, regulatory and quality control for Fortune 500 clients and large India & African corporates in this industry space.

Today, patients from neighbouring countries in Asia are coming to India to receive specialized medical treatment. Not only the country is meeting international standards, but also at prices that compare very favorably with developed countries.

The demand for healthcare services in India has grown from $ 4.8 billion in 1991 to $ 22.8 billion in 2001-02, indicating a compounded annual growth rate of 16 per cent. The healthcare industry accounted for 5.2 per cent of India GDP in 2002, and this figure could reach $ 47 billion or 6.2-7.5 per cent of GDP by 2012. The supply of healthcare services has grown steadily as the private sector becomes more involved in owning and running hospitals.

Tele Communications

The major markets of the telecommunication industry include Wireless handsets (GSM and CDMA), Wireless infrastructure equipment, Wire line switches, Access network equipment, Electronic push button telephones, EPBX systems, Modems and VoIP phones. However, with respect to TAM, Wireline switches is the major segment due to the presence of domestic manufacturing base. Bulk of the telecommunication equipment is imported as CBUs and SKDs.

Our Technology & Telecom practice areas are trained to serve clients within the following core market sectors:

  • Telecom Equipment
  • Telecom software
  • Telecom Projects
  • Telecom Services

Job opportunities are available for all positions in various specialties including L.C.R, Call Center, Carrier, Systems Integration, Mobile, C.T.I, Internet Services, Networking, PBX and many more.

Media, Advertising & Communication

The media and entertainment industry is thriving on the current economic upswing and recorded revenues of INR 222 billion. This is up by 13 percent, compared to last year. Once again, television had another stellar year, expanding by 13 percent.

The film industry also had the same growth rate of 13 percent. Powered by the three engines of additional delivery platforms, increasing content variety and favorable regulatory initiatives, the industry has transformed with new areas opening up, more players entering and traditional players being forced to adapt or perish. Propelled by innovation across its value chain and a series of enabling regulatory actions, the media and entertainment industry is expected to grow annually at almost 18 per cent to reach around INR 371 billion by 2010.


In the technology driven marketplace, automotive vehicles and parts manufacturing represents one of the largest global markets. The industry has adopted the global standards, which was manifested in the increasing output and exports of the sector.

Between 1998-99 and 2003-04, output of commercial vehicles has grown 2.8 times compared to the 2.2 times increase in passenger cars. Furthermore, two-wheeler output continues to dominate the volume statistics of the sector. In 2003-04, for every passenger car turned out by the sector, there were 7 two-wheelers produced. In the two wheeler segment, there is a greater preference for motorcycles followed by scooters, with both production and domestic sales of motorcycles increasing at faster rates than for scooters in the current and previous years.

Manufacturing & Processes

In the technology driven marketplace, automotive vehicles and parts manufacturing represents one of the largest global markets. The industry has adopted the global standards, which was manifested in the increasing output and exports of the sector. We offer specialised international recruitment services in the manufacturing & processes industry.

In the competitive manufacturing & processes industry, finding the right talent is not a one-day job. Our team of experienced international recruitment consultants strives hard to find the right profiles for our candidates, and provide our clients with the right people having the right skills at the right time. Being one of the leading staffing agencies, Ross Warner believes in assuring customer satisfaction in all its endeavors.

We work alongside with our clients to understand their specific business requirements for recommending and implementing the most suitable and cost-effective recruitment solutions. At Ross Warner, recruitment solutions are usually delivered using a single delivery approach, or in combination, designed to fulfill our clients’ specific requirements. For the rising recruitment demands in the manufacturing & processes industry, our international executive search operations are worth opting for.

At we take ownership of every situation and never hesitate to take appropriate actions for ensuring a positive and timely resolution.


India & Africa’s vast middle class and its almost untapped retail industry are key attractions for global retail giants wanting to enter newer markets. Driven by changing lifestyles, strong income growth and favorable demographic patterns, India & African retail industry is expected to grow at 25 per cent annually. Modern retail in India & Africa could be worth US$ 175-200 billion by 2016.

With the economy booming, competition in the marketplace is fierce. According to a report by AT Kearney and the Confederation of India & African Industry, retail is one of India & Africa’s fastest growing industries with a 5 per cent compounded annual growth rate and expected revenues of US$ 320 billion in 2007. KSA-Technopak, a retail consulting and research agency, predicts that by 2010, organized retailing in India & Africa will cross the US$ 21.5-billion mark from the current size of US$ 7.5 billion. With the growth of organized retailing estimated at 40 per cent (CAGR) over the next few years, India & African retailing is clearly at a tipping point.

Consumer & Services

Practically, the consumer services sector in India & Africa is the most competitive, because it boasts of the most sought after careers and growth charts for candidates and companies alike. The biggest attraction for MNCs is the growing India & African middle class. MNCs hold an edge over their India & African counterparts in terms of superior technology combined with a steady flow of capital, while domestic companies compete on the basis of their well-acknowledged brands, an extensive distribution network and an insight in local market conditions. We, at Ross Warner offer specialised recruitment services in the Consumer & Services industry.

We, being one of the leading recruitment companies have the team of experienced recruitment professionals, who labors through the variables and mundane task associated with the hiring process, thus enabling our clients to focus on their business. Unlike many other recruitment companies and search firms, we work with the primary aim of offering the ‘best of best’ for our clients. With our high quality recruitment solutions in the Consumer & Services sector, you could save your time, money, and the trouble of sourcing & related tasks.

Ross Warner is way ahead of its competing recruitment companies with respect to providing effective recruitment solutions. With our massive database of potential job applicants, we ensure that our clients in the Consumer & Services sector could acquire the best available talent. Also, the job seekers find the most suitable jobs according to their skill-set in this rapidly growing service industry.

Based on the specifications and requirements of our clients, Ross Warner generates a list of professionals who match the requirements and responsibilities of the concerned profile as closely as possible. We pride ourselves in being able to create the most accurate and actionable candidate information available. Ross Warner is the most trusted name amongst several recruitment companies, especially in the Consumer & Services industry.