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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO):-

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is type of business outsourcing for Human Resource  department of a company.  In most organizations, the recruitment function is either assigned to various people in HR or is comprised of a dedicated group within HR. It is a critical function, which includes sourcing, assessment, interviewing, and sometimes new-hire administration and orientation.

An effective RPO arrangement involves standardized recruiting processes and platforms for workforce planning, applicant tracking, and workflow. By specializing, an RPO firm can invest in the most efficient technology and processes. They also reap significant scale advantages in relationships with vendors in staffing search, online recruiting, recruitment marketing, background check and profiling, to name a few.


RPO ‐ when/ who / Red flags/how to make it successful.


Outsourcing of Recruitments Process, RPO an accepted & mature business model in the West


   Our  RPO Approach:-


•      RPO Program offices manages all interactions with agencies and hiring   parties‐ hiring managers improve their productivity.


•     Cost consist of two elements:


•     fixed cost‐ (People/Infrastructure)‐ based on business needs


•     Variable Cost ‐ Transaction cost optimized


•     Strict SLA agreed .


•     Savings in the range of 15% to 20% in cost of acquisition envisaged.


(Why & When) Primary reasons to opt for RPO – (why companies should go for RPO)

1.There is new setup and Co will take time to setup all functions but Hiring is one of prime function    and can’t be put on hold so , Using RPO Model in first six months or 1 year to have initial number of people on board.

2.    Companies  doesn’t want to setup a internal recruiting engine as Delivery is critical.

3.    Corporate  doesn’t want to deal with 10 vendors and reduce effort on their management.

4.   Employer wants to reduce the cost of hiring.

5.    There is huge delivery pressure and its critical for HR head to ensure minimum complains from

Delivery Heads and Hiring right people in given time is definitely a Big Factor in review and Meetings.


How Ross HR Solutions will help With RPO:

Ross Warner HR Solutions Rich  experience with diverse recruitment needs of companies across the globe and  our management & Competent delivery team Gives US a edge to be  Successful RPO .Ross Warner Objective is to Align With Client Business Objective and Goal and Make the client successful

A , Knowledge good process and a rich experience  helps improve business performance through increased productivity for the benefit of client . Our step by step process helps clients systematically control and fill their recruitment needs.

In RPO solutions companies need reliability accuracy speed & cost savings Ross Warner Hr Solution’s expert team helps clients to improve all these areas resulting in facilitating right talent . We focus on specific defining of recruiting objectives, optimizing the essential elements of their operations & delivering value added solutions.