Recruitment Process

Recruitment Solutions

Ross Warner’s Recruitment Process is designed with the need of clients and we are able to source the best candidates from across the globe to fill their vacancies in Africa. Our Team has access to key decision makers at organisational and corporate level in Africa and globally.

Ross Warner’s recruitment process who need to complete the recruitment process but do not have all the internal HR systems in place, or are in quick ramp up situations, where the existing internal HR team needs support from external Talent Management partners to complete the hiring process without losing any time or money.

Ross Warner’s HR solutions help clients achieve improvement in four areas of quality, cost, service, and speed. We work closely with organizations to meet their recruitment needs by managing their end to end recruitment process.

Executive and Board Searches and Mapping

Today’s ever changing economic climate ensures that the pressures on Businesses and Senior Executive performance have never been more intense. Directors and Executives must demonstrate not only commercial and operational ability and success, but display exemplary professionalism and leadership. Properly composed and developed boards and executive teams will be well positioned to lead their companies into the future and beyond.

Our recruitment within the Executive Search Practice brings extensive experience of recruiting Executive for a broad range of clients across many industry sectors. We pride ourselves on our long term relationships with clients, and the longevity of those partnerships demonstrates that we truly deliver our promise of Creating Great Places to Work through people.

Greenfield Project Hiring

What is Greenfield Project Hiring?

Greenfield Project hiring/Turnkey Recruitment Hiring basically means Getting the right team is the most critical factor in the success of any startup. Greenfield Projects hirings are generally required by companies looking for recruitment across all verticals in limited time frame or companies look for expansions in new Area. Normally this kind of need arises in situations of massive expansion, merger or acquisition exercise, launch of a new division, geographical spread into new regions, quality enhancement exercise to inject fresh talent from outside in large scale to cope with the cultural change and industry demand, launch of new products etc.

For success of such Greenfield projects & turnkey hiring getting the right team is the most critical factor. In such case need of Competent Executive Search consultant like Ross Warner arises.

Now-a-days Various Clients need skilled people at right time & place in Limited Span of time, which definitely a not easy task for any startup. RWHS is a group of professionals who are experts in such massive recruitment projects In different industry verticles.RWHS work with total commitment to quality services. Most of the recruiters possess technical background with deep knowledge and experience. Who understand client requirement and hunt the right talent as per client specification.

Ross Warner HR Solutions have core competency in fulfill variety of positions within different industries with the right candidate at Right Place.

Ross Warner’s possess a team of inspirational group of professionals who are experts in their core areas. And they work with total commitment to quality services. Most of the recruiters possess technical background with deep knowledge and experience. Who understand client requirement and hunt the right talent as per client specification.

Ross Warner has presence in Africa, having a team of more than 32 recruiters.Who enjoy serving our various clients in better manner with quality service & professional approach.

Start up and SME Hiring

What is SME?

Business Fraternity is putting efforts for the growth of Economy in developing & under developed countries primarily  . Along MNC’s and Industrial giants are marking their presence, rather Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the real  growth engines of these Economies and play a very crucial role in generating employment.

Generally we tend to confuse the word ‘Industry’ for all types of economic activity other than agriculture. This needs some correction since all economic activity, including agriculture, can also be classified under ‘enterprise’ or ‘businesses or ‘trade’. 99.7% of all organizations in the world are SME’s,i.e small medium enterprises. This is valid for all economies of the world including India & Africa. Only 0.3% of organizations are large.

Why SME?

For SMEs, their most important asset is their staff and employees. The time and expense involved in hiring & training of staff is huge and therefore the challenges involved in recruitment and retaining of staff can be a make or break for these SME’s. For small companies to become successful it is important for them to expand at the right time, take right people on board and train them with necessary skills so that they can contribute to the growth of the enterprise.

Big corporate organizations, startups, SMEs all face one common problem – whom to hire and how to do it effectively as per the needs of the company. Corporate can put aside huge budgets but SMEs and startups can’t take the same liberty. So Ross Warner HR Solutions provides solutions to them and saves their time and effort by focusing on Employer Branding and Quality.

Benefits to SME:

Having right employee for the right job will definitely help SMEs unlock their growth potential as a whole, help them succeed and innovate in the long run.

As you evaluate your choices and decisions in staffing services and need to focus on core components of your operations, you will need to consider the advantages of Manpower services as well affordability. When done for the right reasons, Executive search services will actually help your company grow and save money. There are other advantages of services that go beyond money:

  • Focus On Core Business Activities
  • Cost Saving And Efficiency
  • Reduced Overheads
  • Operational Control
  • Staffing Flexibility
  • Develop Internal Staff
  • Expert Consultation
  • Advice on Market Trends & industry standards.

So why o wait for recruiting right employees for your SME just outsource it to Recruitment industry leader company Ross Warner HR Solutions!!

Setting up of office in Africa for Clients

Marketing Set Up And Operations Set Up:-


Setting Up Of Office In Africa For Clients:-

Ross Warner Hr Solutions specializes in African Continent and hence understands the Pulse about Africa And its Needs for business enterprises in Africa.Ross Warner HR Solutions provides the service to setting up office in Africa for  clients  from scratch to End.

Ross Warner HR Solutions Provide Africa Entry Strategy:-

Ross Warner HR Solutions has knowledge & expertise in Africa Market. For new enterprise to successfully start their venture which is foundation of successful business ahead.

Ross Warner has on its Board Strategic advisors and Consultants From The Top B Schools with Rich Experience in African market from Top B schools and Institutions, who is able to do marketing set up of Companies interested in Exploring African Market.

Ross Warner HR Solutions can help Companies to set up office in Africa from Scratch , identifying a property to Identifying a local Partner to Legal compliance for set up to placement and Operation of Office We have Experts from Compliance Side on our panel leading solicitors to Company secretary and Bureaucrats and Professionals in their Stream

Our engagements are usually fixed fee or retainer based and are focused on analysis, strategy and training, not on hourly project work.

.In strategy and analysis engagements, we benchmark clients against best practice, provide gap analysis, write project plans and provide ongoing project support and marketing support The goal is measurable bottom line client benefit far in excess of what we charge.