Recruitment Process steps

Efforts put in by Ross Warner hr Solutions during the period of Exclusivity:-

  • Detailed discussion with the client for a thorough understanding of the positions after confirmation of the Terms of Engagement and receipt of the JDs.
  • Strategy discussion with the ROSS WARNER HR SOLUTIONS search team for the identification of resources,

 From Data Base:Social Media And Online Sites and Portals , Advertisements etc

Identify suitable candidates, speak with them about the role and ascertain their suitability,

And submit the CVs – 72 Hrs

Executive Search:-

Phase 1:

  • Prepare a list of relevant companies
  • Identify relevant candidates,
  • Identify the mail ID, Mobile No.
  • Speak with the candidate; mail him a letter, generating interest in the role and for sourcing the CV.
  • Follow up for receiving the CV.
  • Speak with the relevant candidate after receiving the CV and explain him the role, the company, understand the suitability, career aspirations and create interest in the role, build Brand image of the company.
  • Capture relevant information while speaking with the candidates and informing the client.
  • Send the shortlisted suitable candidates CVs to Quality Department and after checking it will be send the client with our suggestions.

Phase 2:

  • C.V’s shortlist to be given in 48- 72 hours along with interview schedules (client).
  • Interview schedule confirmation after talking to the candidates (ROSS WARNER HR SOLUTIONS)
  • CV.s Select/hold/reject or next rounds to be communicated in 48 hours. (client)
  • Final selects to be intimated within 48 hours (client)

Phase 3:

  • Offer facilitation to the short listed candidate; assist in negotiating compensation package if needed. (ROSS WARNER HR SOLUTIONS)
  • Post offer counseling and facilitation of joining.(ROSS WARNER HR SOLUTIONS)
  • Candidate Joining

Once an offer is extended to the selected candidate, the lead consultant will facilitate the joining on the candidate in time by helping in manage the separation process from previous employer, manage relocation and other issues/concerns associated with change management. (ROSS WARNER HR SOLUTIONS)

We see this as a tremendous opportunity to partner with Client and deliver on the requirements accordingly. We are looking forward to long-term partnership with Client.

The Above Phase 1, 2, 3 are common for both types of services namely Premium client account and No frill Account Services.