Organization Development & Change Management

Our philosophy

How we do it?

What we do? 

Our philosophy

We live moments that we have enjoyed, we learn from trials, we get cautious by another persons failure.. High moments, testing moments, relations, dreams, achievements, failures, just about everything.

We change with every experience… we believe that, these moments together make us who we are.

How we do it?

We work with thoughts and feelings of individuals/ groups / organizations

Multiple perspectives that help you see the impact on relations and behaviour

A safe and non-judgmental space to help you express yourself at work, in communities, in relations with others and self.

We understand the impact all the three have in building organizational culture, leadership capability, interpersonal relations, group synergy 

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting

Our consulting approach creates the fit between strategic, cultural and structural components of your company. We manage change in organizations.

We optimize the systemic balance between “hard” and “soft” success factors in the conflict areas of strategy-structure-culture. We support at all levels of your organisation.

Organizational Consulting

Leadership Coaching

  • Exploring the complexity of the situation
  •  Test the diverse perspectives on their situation and themselves
  •  Work on values and attitudes
  •  Give appreciative and clear feed-back
  •  Seek support in visualizing the future and set goals
  •  Explore their thoughts, feelings and action

Coaching Focus

We do Group Coaching for groups of leaders

Group Work

Our workshops are creative. They are about stories, images that are a part of our day to day life. We use conversations and feelings as the basis of our workshop. The design of every workshop is unique to its set of participants. Some of our workshops are around the following themes

Building Organizational Culture

Building Organizational Culture

Managing Leadership Dynamics and Differences

Managing Leadership Dynamics and Differences

  • Building Organizational Culture
  • Managing Leadership Dynamics and Differences
  • Team Dynamics
Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics



A workshop to help one navigate successfully in life. Bring you in tune with YOUR INNER COMPASS and tap into YOUR potential self. We believe that change is a result of what touches us the most and transforms our worldview, and thus changes our life experience. Are you ready to explore the possibility of positive change in your life?

Workshop for WomenWorkshop for Women

  •  Helping a woman relate to her strengths, power and brilliance.
  •  To reflect on her patterns its impact on her life
  •  To  help her listen to her inner voice






An informal get-together on diverse themes done at cafeterias.  A space to share true life experiences, stories, reflections, learnings with a set of like minded people who create and hold the safe space to share. The diversity of stories and experiences shared enables a fun-filled, reflective journey of finding a new meaning to life. Essentially it is a space which adds LIFE to life.


The work we do has impacted the following areas the most in organizations


  •  Build entrepreneurial leadership style
  •  Increase the emotionally quotient of leaders
  •  Imbibe coaching style in the way to lead people

Team Development

  •  Collaborative work
  •  Creating an ability to deal with conflicts
  •  Attentiveness of team patterns, different styles and choices made
  •  Orientation towards high performance


  •  Open communication channels
  •  Awareness of gossip / rumors and its impact
  •  Responsible communication aligned with company goals
  •  Collaborative effort between top management and bottom lines employees
  •  Productivity that in turn impacts the returns the company derives from an employee

About Payal Gupta

Payal believes that everything in life has a purpose and it can be celebrated. Her own personal journey has made her see the need to create safe spaces to share thoughts and feelings. Be it in organizations, at home, in relations one constantly is going through some thing deep within and that makes us respond the way we do. Keeping this in mind that it impacts our leadership styles, our ability to manage work, communicate and accept challenges.

Payal is an Organizational Development Consultant and an Executive Coach. She works with the large organizations, SME’s, NGO’s, youth, women, families to help them leverage their potential. She works with various industries; from MNC’s to Manufacturing, IT to media, education to NGO’s, government organizations and family run businesses

 Payal Gupta Payal GuptaOrganization Developement Consultant, Mumbai, India 


Payal Gupta is  an  OD Consultant and an Executive Coach. Focusing on systemic change management, organizational development, leadership development, team building, organization culture and large group facilitation for various industries like manufacturing, media, printing, IT, education, NGOs

– The nature of consulting work I do is Organizational Change Management, Leadership Coaching, Group Coaching, Group Synergies, Facilitating Large Group Conferences.

The efforts are directed towards creating a safe space for self awareness, to understand what needs change, to relate to strengths, power and brilliance. To reflect on patterns its impacts on the organization and productivity.

The results are openness, clearer decision making, managing organizational roles and boundaries, self and organizational growth

Some Assignments

Name of Organization Assignment Details
Voltas Building Leadership capability using coaching skills. Designing and facilitating a workshop with the management team of Voltas to bring in the culture of coaching at the top
ITC Organizational Assessment
Hindustan Unilever Designing and facilitating a high level meeting with multiple stakeholder
Mail Order Solutions Transitioning from owner driven to professionally managed
India Pvt. Ltd.
Media Network & A leadership workshop with a focus on ownership to the
Distribution (India) Ltd. organizational brand and bringing a culture of information
Sneha Organizational Diagnosis and Intervention (understanding what makes the organization functional and dysfunctional)
Navnirman A leadership workshop with the first line of leaders focusing on interpersonal relations, managing role boundaries and creating openness and transparency.
Unltd India Leadership coaching for leaders of social organization supported by Unltd India, team building for Unltd India
Atma Leadership coaching for leaders of educational organizations supported by Atma
Kaivalya Education Five-day Personal Reflection workshops for Gandhi Fellows
Maharashtra Dyslexia Leadership development, cultural change and restructuring.
Kangaroo Kids Designing and facilitating school principals conference on the Education Limited theme of innovation and inclusive education, conducting workshops on personal growth for school teachers.


– Organization Development Consultant certificationoffered by Indian Society for Applied Behavioral Sciences (ISABS), certified as a practicing external consultant

–  Entrepreneur Development Program – Indian School of Business (ISB)

–  Certified Coach from Franklin and Covey

–  PDP member with ISABS

–  MBA in Human Resources from KC College, Mumbai

–  Masters in English Literature from Mumbai University