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Mauritania , officially theIslamic Republic of Mauritania, is an Arab Maghreb country in West Africa. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, by Western Sahara in the north, by Algeria in the northeast, by Mali in the east and southeast, and by Senegal in the southwest. It is named after the ancient Berber Kingdom of Mauretania, which later became a province of the Roman Empire, even though the modern Mauritania covers a territory far to the south of the old Berber kingdom that had no relation with it. The capital and largest city isNouakchott, located on the Atlantic coast.



Time difference between India and Mauritania

India is 5:30 hours ahead of Mauritania

Travel distance between India and Mauritania

9357 KM and 572.6 meters that is 5814.5 miles


Nouakchott airport

Names of the airlines

 Air France  ,

 Turkish Airlines

Travel Cost



Mauritanian ouguiya

Compare it to Rs

1 INR = 4.8833 MRO

Indian Associations



American International School of Nouakchott

TLC International SchoolMauritania


Arabic Language

Indian Restaurants

Life of Indian there

Population of Indians there

Safety and Security

As mentioned before, women should take care not to follow men into enclosed environments, like offices or cars. If you are a woman, make sure you are always in sight of a group or a street. Be careful when traveling across the borders of Western Sahara and Mali as land mines and religious fundamentalist groups are present. Traveling from Morocco to Mauritania is also not advised. Keep apprised of travel warnings before traveling to Mauritania.

Visa Process

  • Original, signed India passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity. 
  • Passport-type photographs: 2
  • Itinerary. Copy of round trip tickets or confirmed itinerary.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination. Copy of International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever.
  • Hotel Reservations. Copy of confirmed hotel reservations.
  • Invitation Letter. Copy of an invitation letter from family or friends in Mauritania.
  • Tourist Voucher. Copy of tourist voucher issued by tourist company or hotel in Mauritania approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.