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Liberia officially the Republic of Liberia, is a country in West Africa bordered by Sierra Leone to its west, Guineato its north and Côte d’Ivoire to its east. It covers an area of 111,369 km2 (43,000 sq mi) and is home to about 3.7 million people. English is the official language and over thirty indigenous languages are also spoken within the country. Its coastline is composed mostly of mangroves, while it’s more sparsely populated inland consists of forests opening onto a plateau of drier grasslands. The climate is hot and equatorial, with significant rainfall during the May–October rainy season and harsh harmattan winds the remainder of the year. The country possesses about forty percent of the remaining Upper Guinean rainforest.

Along with Ethiopia, Liberia is one of only two modern countries in Sub-Saharan Africa without roots in the European colonization of Africa. Beginning in 1820, the region was colonized by blacks from the United States, most of whom were freed slaves. These immigrants established a new country with the help of the American Colonization Society, a private organization which believed that former slaves would have greater freedom and equality in Africa. African captives freed from slave ships were also sent there instead of being repatriated to their countries of origin. In 1847, this new country became the Republic of Liberia, establishing a government modeled on that of the United States and naming its capital city Monrovia after James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States and a prominent supporter of the colonization. The colonists, known as Americo-Liberians, led the political and economic sectors of the country.

Capital– Monrovia

Time difference between India and Liberia.

India is 5:30 hours ahead of Liberia

Travel distance between India and Liberia.

9553.44 miles


Conakry airport

Names of the airlines

Air France

Brussels Airlines

Travel Cost-



Liberian dollar

Compare it to Rs

  1 Indian Rupee (INR) = 1.25Liberian Dollar (LRD)

Indian Associations


  • Masonic Temple


  • Liberia International School


  • English Language

Indian Restaurants

  • Taaj Indian Restaurant

Life of Indian there

Indians have a good image in Liberia, they are not just involved in business but they participate in all social activities,. ‘During the war, we had made shelter places at three locations in Monrovia – at the Indian community school and at the site of the proposed Mahatma Gandhi memorial hospital.

Population of Indians there

There are now 3,000 Indians living and working in Liberia.


  • Applicant must provide a copy of his/her Yellow Book (International Certi­cates of Vaccination).
  • In accordance with WHO regulations, all persons entering Liberia are required to have a valid certi­cate of immunization against yellow fever.
  • Two (2) passport size photographs:
  • A signed, completed application form.
  • Self-addressed, prepaid envelop.