About the Nigeria


Temperatures rarely exceeds 32 degree , but humidity is very high and nights are hot. In dry season the  nights are cool as temperature falls  to 12* c

 Time difference in Nigeria and India

Nigeria is 4.30 hrs ahead from India

Currency of Nigeria


1NGN = 0.3403 INR

5NGN=1.7 INR

10NGN=3.4 INR

Language spoken

  • English is the official language.
  • Hausa is the mother tongue of Nigeria 

Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria

  • Accat , Accelon Nigeria ltd, Akklaim Telecoms,
  • Bourdex telecom, etc. Airtel is the leading company in Nigeria.
  • Call rate from India to Nigeria is $0.150/minute
  • Call rate from Nigeria to India is $0.140/minute 

Indian Social Associations in Nigeria

  • Indian culture association
  • Telugu association
  • Kerala Samajam

Indian Association in Nigeria

  • The Nigerian – Indian Chamber of       Commerce & Industry .
  • Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation
  • The Ministry of Interior
  • The Lagos Chamber of Commerce

Distance  from Abuja to lagos

724 killo meters of  distance from Abuja to lagos  The time it takes to reach by road is 9 hrs and 45min

Indian Schools in Nigeria

  • Indian Language School(ILS)

The Institution was established in 1982as a private school under the umbrella of  The High Commission of India. . The community runs a CBSE affiliated Indian Language School in Lagos with over 2,000 students.

Other  International Schools

  • The  Regent school
  • American International School of lagos
  • International Community School
  • Grange School

Life in Nigeria for an Indian

There are a lot of Indians in Nigeria, and most Nigerian can’t differentiate a North African from an Indian. A wide range of people are viewed as Indians, and another wide range are viewed as Chinese.

As an expatriate life may be more expensive than the average citizen. for example you may want to send your children to a British-Indian School or do your shopping at the supermarket rather than the local market or visit the most exclusive  hospitals.
cost of living is not standard in nigeria, especially lagos because there is room for a wide range of incomes. There are at least two prices for everything in two different places; only difference is one for the rich and one for the poor.

Indian Restaurant in lagos

  • Sherlaton Indian Restaurant, Lagos

Indigo Indian Restaurant

  • Flamingo Indian & Tandoori
  • Bon Asia Indian
  • Guaranga Vegetarian 


  • Krishna Mandir, Adeola Adetokumbe St., Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Ilupiju Temple, Ilupiju, Lagos

Airports  in Nigeria

  • Nnamid Azikiwe International Airport(Abuja)
  • Mallam Amino Kano International Airport(Kano)
  • Murtala Muhammed International Airport(Lagos)

Safety & Security

  • It has the largest population in African continent. Safety in Nigeria is large concern and the expats should  take some precautionary measures while moving out in their daily routine.
  • Road safety in Nigeria is also good. In general road condition and dense traffic  in cities is stressful and hazardous  experience

Cost of living in Nigeria

  • Indexes Difference
  • Consumer Prices in Nigeria are 190.46% higher than in India
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent in Nigeria are 183.74% higher than in India
  • Rent Prices in Nigeria are 153.12% higher than in India
  • Restaurant Prices in Nigeria are 255.92% higher than in IndiaGroceries Prices in Nigeria are 191.21% higher than in India
  • Local Purchasing Power in Nigeria is 47.96% lower than in India

Places where Indian lives in Nigeria


Indians in Nigeria

Total Indian community in Nigeria is estimated to be 35,000 persons. Out of these about 25,000 are Indian nationals and about 10,000 are thought to be foreign passport holders. In general, Indians in Nigeria are well off and enjoy largely non-controversial existence

Indian expatries in nigeria, lagos 

Q: I will like to understand from this platform and community as to how good it is to opt for a job opportunity in Lagos? How safe it is for Indian Expats working there?

Answer to your question depends on how adventurous you are and how good your company is?

It is about as safe as working in New York or LA or Delhi for that matter. As long as you mind your own business and dont venture out late in the night alone – you will be safe anywhere in the world.

Having said that, check out what your company is offering in terms of accomadation and transportation and then arrive at your decision.

Above keep your mind open and head for it if you want some international experience, dont get bogged down about security issues too  much as long as there is a sizeable indian population (which there is ) in the place you are going to work.

  • Interview of Anvaya – an Indian expat living in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Q: Where are you originally from?
    A: Mumbai, India

Q: Where are you living now?
A:  In Ikeja, Lagos (Nigeria)

Q: How long you have you lived here?
A:  Two years

Q: Did you move with a spouse/ children?
A:  Yes, I moved here with my spouse and my son.

Q: What are the schools in Lagos like, any particular suggestions?
A:  The Indian Language School (ILS) has a CBSE curriculum. It has more than 2000 students and offers facilities like swimming, football, cricket, badminton and other sports. The effort taken by the teachers, not only in teaching, but also in leading extra curricular activities is simply commendable.

Q: What’s the economic climate like in Lagos, is there plenty of work?
A:  Africa offers a great potential due to the growing economy; West Africa and particularly Nigeria, which is the most populous nation in the continent, also taps into this potential. Expats are in huge demand, however, those with work experience are required.

Q: How do you rate the standard of accommodation in Nigeria?
A:  Excellent! We have been given a large 4-bedroom duplex by the company. It is furnished beautifully and is equipped with all modern durables and appliances.