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Guinea officially the Republic of Guinea , is a country in West Africa. Formerly known as French Guinea, it is today sometimes called Guinea-Conakry to distinguish it from its neighbor Guinea-Bissau and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.It has a population of 10,057,975 and an area of 246,000 square kilometres (94,981 sq mi). Forming a crescent as it curves from its western border on the Atlantic Ocean toward the east and the south, it shares its northern border with Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, and Mali, and its southern border with Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Côte d’Ivoire. The sources of the Niger River, Gambia River, and Senegal River are all found in the Guinea Highlands.

Conakry is Guinea’s capital, largest city, and economic centre. Other major cities in the country include Kankan, Nzérékoré, Kindia,Labe, Guéckédou, Mamou and Boke. Guinea’s 10 million people belong to twenty-four ethnic groups. The largest and most prominent groups are the Fula (40%), Mandingo (30%), and Susu (20%). It is a predominantly Islamic country, with Muslims representing about 85 percent of the population. Christians, mostly Roman Catholic, make up about 10 percentof the population, and are mainly found in the southern (Guinée forestière) region. French is the official language of Guinea, and is the main language of communication in schools, government administration, the media, and the country’s security forces. More than twenty four indigenous languages are also spoken, of which the most common are Fula, Susu and Maninka. Fula is widely used in the Fouta Djallon region in central Guinea, Maninka in Eastern Guinea, and Susu in the coastal region of northwestern Guinea.

Guinea has four main regions namely Maritime Guinea (La Guinée Maritime), Mid-Guinea (La Moyenne-Guinée), Upper-Guinea (La Haute-Guinée) and Forested Guinea (Guinée forestière).

Guinea’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture and mineral production.It is the world’s second largest producer of bauxite, and has rich deposits of diamonds and gold.


  • Conakry

Time difference between India and Guinea

Guinea-Bissau is 5:30 hours behind India.

Travel distance between India and Guinea

Distance: 9553.44 miles.


Conakry International Airport (CKY) 

Names of the airlines

  • Air France flights
  • Lufthansa flights
  • Ethiopian Airlines flights

Travel Cost



Guinean franc

Compare it to Rs

1  Indian Rupee (INR) = 0.04 Papua New Guinea Kina (PGK)

Indian Associations


Baga Fetish Temple


International School of Conakry

Franco Arabic school


French Language

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Life of Indian there

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Safety and Security

The Guinean authorities maintain police and local militia checkpoints across the whole country. Carry identification with you at all times.

There is a low threat from terrorism. Following French military intervention in Mali, there is a possibility of retaliatory attacks targeting Western interests in the region

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you travel.


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