Greenfield Project Hiring

What is Greenfield Project Hiring?

Greenfield Project hiring/Turnkey Recruitment Hiring basically means Getting the right team is the most critical factor in the success of any startup. Greenfield Projects hirings are generally required by companies looking for recruitment across all verticals in limited time frame or companies look for expansions in new Area. Normally this kind of need arises in situations of massive expansion, merger or acquisition exercise, launch of a new division, geographical spread into new regions, quality enhancement exercise to inject fresh talent from outside in large scale to cope with the cultural change and industry demand, launch of new products etc.

For success of such Greenfield projects & turnkey hiring Getting the right team is the most critical factor. In such case need of Competent Executive Search consultant arises.

 Ross Warner HR Solutions have core competency in fulfill variety of positions within different industries with the right candidate at Right Place.

Now-a-days Various Clients need skilled people at right time & place in Limited Span of time, which definitely a not easy task for any startup. RWHS is a group of professionals who are experts in such massive recruitment projects In different industry verticles.RWHS work with total commitment to quality services. Most of the recruiters possess technical background with deep knowledge and experience. Who understand client requirement and hunt the right talent as per client specification.

  1. Make sure that you select only those from your existing site, who will be able to fit into this new set-up. They should not only bring in phenomenal technical skills, but also great attitude. Be careful that you do not import existing salary structures with your hires from the existing plant.
  2. By mix of people, I assume you mean how many to hire from existing plant. The new site should not be seen as a way by the departments to offload their problem employees. The new site is a new project, and is not started to solve the HR issues of the existing plant. Do not export the problems from your current site. However hire all those who are good, who bring a positive can-do attitude and who will contribute to building a new institution. You may use this as an opportunity to provide growth to employees who have shown signs of being ready to handle more responsibility.
  3. Hire pan India, go out and interview across the country. Look upon this not only as a one time expense, (as it is, it will be drop of the total project cost) but as an HR- marketing cost. You are strengthening the employer brand and we all know brands are invaluable in today’s competitive market-place. For some of the top jobs, think regionally or even globally. Thanks to technological advances, geography should not be a limiting factor.
  4. Stop thinking blue-collar and white-collar. Think of them as employees who contribute in different capacities. Ensure your canteens and locker rooms are not encouraging this segregation. They should be the same for everyone. Yes I know people are paid different amounts, but that is the only difference that you should have.
  5. Hopefully as an existing employer, you have a strong employer brand and you will attract potential employees in droves and your only problem will be how to say no to so many applicants.


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