FAQ For Marketing Partner

Ross Warner Hr solution

Ross Warner HR Solutions: Why are we looking for Marketing Partner?

  • To provide attractive and well rewarded career and business opportunities for all employees and Partner.
  • To dynamically grow through wide network & strategy

Prerequisite of Marketing Partner / Referral Benefits Scheme (Who should sign up)

  • Experience and have good contacts in African Markets
  • Quality and service orientation
  • Business Knowledge and Insights
  • Attitude to grow &work towards it

What are Benefits and Support Of Becoming Our Affiliate/ Partner?

Brand Name

You are granted with a license to trade as a Ross Warner HR Solutions. You will benefit from being part of our group, including marketing representation

Access to Business model which combines Recruitment, HR Support, Billing Support

Cross Selling Option to generate additional Revenue 

Multiple Products & Services Multiple Services and Solution selling product which is need of all industries. hence target audience is large, your conversation ratio is due to high sales turn over.

High Demand & Need for services offered As the services and solutions provided by Ross Warner is a need and Critical for Companies in Africa hence there is huge demand and perfect time to enter into marketing partnership

Low investment high profits  

Professional Approach Another survey referred by Ross Warner shows that 95 % of business is handled by unorganised players hence there is huge need for professional companies.

Reasonable ROI Return on investment

Infrastructure Guidance for Marketing Partner

  • Infrastructural equipment, Office layout plan, etc.
  • Delivery / Support team

Back office operation

  • Good revenue along with Current job or current Business
  • You will develop contacts and relationship with companies in Africa

No territory restriction.

Reach In International Markets and developing Economy

Since African Continent is booming you are privileged to be to be amongst the first lucky fews to capture the developing market

Better client penetration 

Business Knowledge and Skill sets and Support

Ross Warner having a vast experience In African Markets and A good Brand Name gives an Edge with its presence and African Market knowledge

Various  events Invitation

What are Pre – Requisites..?

Good reputation and contacts in the African Continent

Willingness to undertake aggressive overseas promotions.

As  I have an existing Contact data of African company’s but I do not want to venture full time or wants to just encash my contacts ; can I get Associate?

Yes, as we have two types of Partnership as mention above 1st referral benefits and 2nd is marketing partnership. You can refer the African companies who hire Indians

What type of contacts should I have in Africa?

 Hr manager, Owner, any Sr. management or middle management Eg: Finance Manager, purchase Manager, Project manager or any supervisory level who directly and indirectly involved in recruiting Indians in African country. Or Organizations who want to build their leadership skills and management skills along with Organisation growth

Is there any possibility if i don’t wants to get in to business but wants to use my Existing contacts in companies who hire Indian.

Ans: Yes

How much time does it take, to get started?

As soon as you sign in as our Partner, you can share References of African countries, you are  eligible to get Profit and revenues

Industry Handled By Ross Warner?

  • Industry:
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Pharmacy and Healthcare
  • Oil and gas /Mining /Power
  • IT /Telecom
  • Engineering and Infrastructure
  • Service Industries like BFSI
  • Hotel/Hospitality
  • Travel and Logistics & Import Export

Services /solutions offered by ROSS WARNER HR SOLUTIONS for its client in Africa.

  • Recruitment solutions For Africa and India from India ,Nepal and Phillipines.
  • HR Outsourcing .
  • Organisational Development Consulting.
  • SME Hiring.
  • Start UP Hiring.
  • Green Field ProjectHiring.
  • Investment Banking .
  • Marketing Set up For Africa.
  • Operation Set Up In Africa.
  • Psychometric Tests and profiling.
  • Setting up of coffee chains and restaurants chains in India ans Africa.