The mean minimum during the coldest season is 6° C (43° F ), while the mean maximum rarely exceeds 26° C (79° F ). Temperature variations in the lowlands are much greater, and the heat in the desert and Red Sea coastal areas is extreme, with occasional highs of 60° C (140° F ).


Time difference in Ethiopia and India

Ethiopia is 2:30 hours behind India.

Currency of Ethiopia

birr (ETB)

1.00 ETB


3.16651 INR

Language spoken

English is the most widely spoken foreign language and is the medium of instruction in secondary schools and universities.

Amharic is a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia.

India Association In Ethiopia

  • Indian Association
  • The Hindu Mahajan
  • The Malayalam Association

School in Ethiopia

Ø  The British International School.

Ø  One Planet International School.

Ø  International Community School

Ø  Future Talent International Academy

Ø  Bingham Academy

Ø  Sandford International School

Life of Indian in Ethiopia

The traditional Indian community in Ethiopia is from Gujarat. They came to this country in the latter years of the 19th century. During imperial times, there were also tens of thousands of Indian teachers in schools all over Ethiopia, even in the most remote parts. The numbers of the Indian community fell very significantly during the Derg regime. It is now around 3,000 – the majority being the new investors and their employees.

Indian Restaurant in Ethiopia

  • Jewel of India
  • Sangam Restaurant
  • Shaheen Indian Restaurant
  • Taj Restaurant

Indians in Ethiopia

  • Presently, the Indian community numbers approximately 1500 nationals plus an approx. number of 400 teaching staff on contractual assignment
  • Around a hundred of them are businessmen. Mainly from Gujarat, they work as commission agents of various import-export companies.

Another 150 are professors who teach in the Defence Ministry’s Engineering College and in various faculties of leading Ethiopian universities and other institutions of higher learning, 15 Indian professionals are on the staff of various UN agencies in Addis Ababa