Pooja Mittal :-  She is a young investment banker with big brands associated to her career stint. She provides the clients all personal and deeply committed financial advisory services i.e. Private Equity, Project Financing, Business Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures/ Strategic Alliances, etc.

Payal Gupta :- She is an independent Organization Development Consulting Executive whose coaching focuses on systemic change management, organizational development, leadership development, team building, organization culture and large group facilitation for various industries like manufacturing, media, printing, IT, education, NGOs, etc. She believes in consultative approach which is more than training or diagnosis which also involves her into mentoring, coaching and bringing out efficiency under her leadership.

Vivek Singh :-  He is an HR professional and a Counsellor  having experience in versatile industries like  construction, manufacturing  etc.A young professional with fresh ideas and  a vibrant  creative  perspective to HR who has  introduced  turn around activities In organization like mission impossible activity launch and mission 100 days which improved 100% Human productivity and helped the Organization achieve their performance Goals